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Brampton Robotics set to Showcase Amazing Robotics at TAVES!


This weekend, TAVES is delighted to feature Brampton Robotics, who will give show attendees a chance to meet the 2016 Vex World Champions and see their robot in action on the show floor.  Vex Robotics World Championship is the largest robotics championship in the world.  This is an absolute must-see feature at the 2016 TAVES!

SHOW HIGHLIGHT: Mirage VR to Construct Premium Out-of-this-world VR Experience at TAVES!


Mirage VR will be demonstrating the “next level” VR experience at the TAVES Consumer Electronics Show (exclusively on Saturday, Oct. 29 and Sunday, Oct. 30th).

Why watch it when you can live it? Instead of controlling your avatar with a keyboard or controller, Mirage VR uses full-body tracking to give you complete control over your avatar. Immerse yourself in your childhood fantasies of casting powerful magic spells and swing swords to defeat monsters.  You have to try it believe it!  Catch the experience at TAVES — on Saturday, Oct. 29 and Sunday, Oct. 30th ONLY.

TAVES Guide to the Galaxy… Err… We Mean TAVES Guide to the Show! Check out the official 2016 Show Guide


We invite you to check out the TAVES 2016 Show Guide to get yourself psyched for the show, and perhaps plan your route around the show!  CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE GUIDE

exaSound To Unveil New Reference DACs at TAVES


Company announces new flagship e32 and e38 multichannel digital–to–analog converters

exaSound Audio Design, manufacturer of innovative, exceptional fidelity audio products, will present for the first time the new flagship e32 DAC and the new multichannel e38 DAC at TAVES.

exaSound’s new e32 stereo flagship DAC is built on the success of its predecessor, the award winning e22. With a truly balanced design, a high power, high performance headphone amplifier and ultimate resolution volume control, the new e32 and e38 DACs are designed and manufactured entirely in Canada. Only a handful of companies around the world have released DACs based on the new, enhanced ES9028PRO monolithic DAC chip from ESS Technologies.

exaSound’s in–house design delivers world recognized, award winning sonic purity.  ZeroJitter™, a unique true asynchronous USB interface with error correction, assures accurate data streaming.  ZeroResolutioLoss™ – an exclusive volume control with three–way volume synchronization – brings convenience while maintaining the highest sonic fidelity.  GalvanicInfinity™ affords complete galvanic isolation for ultimate external noise reduction.  FemtoMaster™,  exaSound’s quad-clock architecture, with 82 femtosecond master clock and 3 auxiliary stream-control clocks, minimizes jitter for maximum timing accuracy, image development and bass extension.  Truly balanced design yields the best analog noise performance and lowest distortion.

exaSound DACs deliver award winning, reference level sonic fidelity at a sensible price. Vanishingly low noise and distortion with highly accurate and extended frequency response form the foundation for natural, dynamic sound and ultimate subjective appreciation.

Visit exaSound at the TAVES Consumer Electronics Show, Best Western suite 7215, to experience dynamic, astonishingly clean sound.  More information is available at

About exaSound Audio Design

exaSound Audio designs and manufacturers audio electronics that help consumers easily play all of their computer music formats. exaSound DACs are architected for faithful fidelity and the highest possible performance. Across product lines, a host of features synergistically combine to yield the truest fidelity, including fully balanced internals, support for DXD and DSD256 along with unique galvanic USB isolation that prevents computer noise contamination.

All exaSound products incorporate ZeroJitter™, Asynchronous USB, ENclusiv™ comprehensive sample rate support plus custom drivers that feature proprietary error correction, guaranteeing bit–perfect operation.

Nordost to Launch Sort Lift and Tyr 2 USB Cable at TAVES


Nordost, like many other companies introducing new products at TAVES, will launch two new products on the show floor — the Sort Lift and Tyr 2 USB Cable.

About the Soft Lift

In order for any hi-fi system to perform at its highest level, it must be built upon a solid, sonic foundation. As a company, Nordost has applied this notion to all of our products, ranging from cables, to power products, to resonance control devices, allowing our customers to yield the best results from the components they already own. The Sort Lift is no exception.

Nordost’s Sort Lift is the preeminent cable support in the consumer electronics industry, and is the latest addition to our Sort System. By utilizing a patent pending floating spring design, the Sort Lift enhances the sonic performance of loudspeaker cables, power cords, and interconnects, by minimizing the points of contact that cables make with the ground and reducing boundary effects, without negatively affecting the resonant properties of the cables themselves.

The Sort Lift is composed of two integral components: the base and the springs. The base is a stable, anodized, aluminum disk, designed to inhibit any transference of electrical charge from the floor to the cable and eliminate static build-up on the dielectric itself. This base supports the proprietary Floating Spring System. The Floating Spring System uses a flexible, titanium alloy spring-wire, which makes up both the support wings and tension wire supports. In both elements, the alloy wire is coated in FEP, mirroring the design of Nordost cables and making the supports an extension of the cable jacket, eliminating any electrical interference, while allowing the cables to maintain their natural resonance properties.

Sort Lifts are provided in packs of two. They are intended to be spaced between 0.5 and 1 meter apart in distance, so that the cable does not come in contact with the floor. The spacing may depend on the weight and flexibility of the cable being supported.

While designed to be used primarily with Nordost cables, any audio cable will benefit from using the Sort Lift. Noticeable effects include an elevated sound stage, improved dynamic range, increased detail in low frequency reproductions and more natural timbre to the sound.


About the Tyr 2 USB Cable

Due to the increasing amounts of data and information being processed through music servers and hard-drive storage systems, as well as the rising popularity of high-resolution audio downloads, the use of hifi audio-specific USB cables is critical to the fidelity of sound reproduction. Nordost’s new Tyr 2 USB 2.0 Cable rounds out the most advanced range in the Norse 2 Family. By utilizing premium materials, cutting-edge technology, and precision craftsmanship, the Tyr 2 USB delivers the ultimate level of performance, and is guaranteed to take your computer audio system to the next level.

The Tyr 2 USB 2.0 Cable is constructed using 4×20 AWG solid core, silver-plated, oxygen free copper conductors. Implementing a solid core design is essential when working with a cable of this caliber, completely eliminating the negative effects of strand interaction and skin effect. Each solid core conductor is then wrapped in Nordost’s proprietary Dual Mono-Filament technology before being enclosed in extruded FEP, which lowers the capacitance of the cable, both increasing signal speed and bandwidth.

The Tyr 2 USB 2.0 Cable arranges its conductors in a precise, twisted, double helix geometry in order to ensure characteristic impedance, minimize cross-talk, and reduce noise. To even

further reduce noise, and protect the USB signal path from any external interference, Nordost employs a dual-layer, silver foil jacket and silver braided shield. Finally, before being terminated with gold-plated, fully shielded connectors, the Tyr 2 USB is cut to mechanically tuned lengths, which reduce internal microphonics and high-frequency impedance resonance.

As with all Nordost products, the Tyr 2 USB 2.0 Cable is handmade in the USA, ensuring a high level of production quality and the extreme precision necessary to manufacture USB cables capable of overcoming jitter and timing errors. The Tyr 2 USB 2.0 Cable is the solution you need in order to achieve the superb sound staging, wide dynamic range, and precise timing you have been looking for in computer audio.

TAVES Launches Television Commercial


The TAVES Consumer Electronics Show recently launched its 2016 TV commercial on CP24 — please check it out above!

Update TV & Stereo and Samsung Host HUGE TV Sale at TAVES Consumer Electronics Show!

Samsung Ad 05 APPROVED.pdfUpdate TV & Stereo and Samsung are proud to host a massive TV sales event called ORANGE FRIDAY all three days at the TAVES Consumer Electronics Show (Oct. 28 to Oct. 30).  This will be your chance to get your hands on a wide selection of Samsung HD and UltraHD TVs at exclusive show prices.  If you’re thinking of picking up a new TV… don’t miss out!

Muraudio To Launch the Domain Omni PX2 Speaker at the TAVES Consumer Electronics Show


Muraudio is pleased to announce the launch of the Domain Omni PX2 at the 2016 TAVES Consumer Electronics Show October 28-30. Based on Muraudio’s award winning, state-of-the-art point source omni-directional electrostatic technology, the PX2 combines sensual contemporary design with deeper bass extension and even more transparent mids and highs.

The PX2 features a stunningly attractive, height adjustable base plinth along with soft, acoustically treated fabric covers for the ESL and bass drivers. Subtle yet dynamically accented trim features create a seamless, flowing design.

The all-new Muraudio Speaker Bus (MSB) provides regulated ESL power and active speaker status monitoring to further enhance performance. The MSB is a bi-directional electrical interface that provides stable DC power to the ESL, while displaying the operational state of each loudspeaker with the Condition Monitor Module.

Muraudio introduces the latest in Mylar Diaphragm Technology (MDT) in the Domain Omni PX2. This new film technology provides enhanced dynamics with improved distribution of acoustic energy across the continuous multi-directional curves of the ESL. This lighter-than-air film responds with unprecedented speed and precision, delivering clarity, detail and natural sound that is unmatched by any other loudspeaker.

While new to the Muraudio reference line of loudspeakers, the Domain Omni PX2 is a result of over a decade of research and development. What consumers and reviewers the world over have come to appreciate in previous models remain the core technologies behind Muraudio’s Domain Omni PX2 and the “Sound Is Everywhere experience.

The Domain Omni PX2 is available through any of Muraudio’s world-wide Dealers and through our Exclusive Client Program.

VPI Showcases the New Titan High-end Turntables at the TAVES Consumer Electronics Show


VPI, is proud to announce its participation in the TAVES Consumer Electronics Show for the first time in VPI history.  Not only is this the first time VPI will be exhibiting at TAVES, it will also be the first live display of the VPI Titan turntable in Canada. The Titan was a collaboration design between VPI founder and chief designer Harry Weisfeld and his son and current president of VPI, Mat Weisfeld.  During the event, the Titan will be demonstrated with multiple JMW 3D Reference arms as well as the potential of other models/brands of arms.  The Titan experience will be done in collaboration with the KEF Muon Speakers.


We have been encouraged for many years now by customers and distributors to push the limit on American engineering.  The idea in mind was based off our Avenger Reference Magnetic Drive.  We double stacked the chassis and machined a 4-inch-thick (weighing roughly 40 pounds) platter being driven by a master magnetic sub-platter.  It was decided to bring back the acclaimed Dual Motor Rim Drive.  Combined with the magnetic drive it has been named the, “Magneto Rim-Drive”.  Held together with 3 solid stainless steel corner posts, the Titan stands as an immovable object.

The Titan configuration is also dynamic in it’s ability to handle up to 3 tonearms of any make or length, the same as on the Avenger turntable.  Using our state-of-the-art pneumatic air suspension feet, the Titan has the highest level of isolation.  This on top of our machined acrylic/aluminium/acrylic design chassis offers precision both in sound and quality.  Topped off with our new high current Analog Drive System (ADS) power supply by VPI’s Director of Electrical Engineering, Michael Bettinger.  The biggest design feature is the use of analog based oscillators to generate low-distortion analog sine waves for its 33/45 rpm – relative to the digitally synthesized circuits of SDS. Regenerating the AC sine wave eliminates the powerline noise and harmonics, providing pure, smooth AC power to the turntable motor.

All VPI Avengers can be upgraded to the Titan level of design.  That is an option that will be available later on after the Titan is in full production.  Another exciting feature of the Titan is it being the only Super Class Level Turntable that can fit on a 20-inch rack/stand.  We are excited to feature the VPI Titan as well as the rest of the VPI Product line at TAVES 2016!

KEF Showcases Muon MKII Loudspeakers at the TAVES Consumer Electronics Show

muon-pair-rl-final-customKEF, a high-end audio manufacturer, is proud to announce its participation in the TAVES Consumer Electronics Show, Canada’s ultimate technology showcase. TAVES will mark the first time in KEF history that the updated MUON MKII loudspeakers, which were designed in collaboration with Ross Lovegrove, will be displayed publicly at a trade show in Canada. During the event, attendees will be able to see how MUON MKII straddles the line between sculpture and sound. The MUON MKII speakers will be on display in conjunction with VPI Industries and Hegel Music Systems in the Aurora Room of the Sheraton Parkway Toronto North Hotel in Toronto, Ontario from October 28-30.

“TAVES is the next stop on our summer show tour and we couldn’t be more excited to showcase MUON MKII,” said Alec Chanin, president of KEF America. “MUON embodies KEF’s long-standing commitment to creating beautiful, luxurious, and innovative audio solutions. It is an exhilarating time at KEF and we encourage everyone to experience MUON for themselves.”

Since MUON’s introduction, KEF engineers have developed new ways of extracting even more detail and refinement in sound reproduction. By applying that new knowledge to MUON, KEF is pleased to announce that its super-formed aluminum masterpiece – MUON – has been updated. Many of the techniques being applied to MUON in this update were derived from knowledge gained during the development of KEF’s iconic Blade loudspeaker. The upgrade includes:

  • An updated five-inch Uni-Q with a lithium/magnesium, aluminum hybrid cone.
  • A one-inch HF aluminum dome, featuring KEF’s unique ‘Tangerine Waveguide’.
  • KEF’s latest Uni-Q which utilizes rear air-venting to produce incredibly smooth high frequency response: As sound radiates from the rear of the dome it is directed down an absorbent venting tube reducing distortion caused by pressure waves that would have otherwise built up behind the dome.
  • The newly patented tweeter dome has been stiffened and is designed in two parts: The upper dome optimizes the acoustic waves propagating from the center of the dome, while the lower dome mechanically increases the stiffness of the whole structure. This assembly keeps the tweeter dome rigid throughout the whole audio bandwidth, resulting in smoother and more articulate high frequency response.
  • A completely redesigned crossover incorporating KEF’s latest design advancements that seamlessly integrate the performance of all of the MUON’s drive units. The LF section has changed from a fourth order to a first order design, dramatically decreasing group delay between 50 and 200 Hz substantially improving bass precision and tightness. This update, in concert with the unparalleled extension already provided by the ACE (Acoustic Compliance Enhancement) technology in the MUON provides the listener with the best all-around bass performance of any loudspeaker in its class.
  • A specifically designed aluminum trim ring was engineered to sit between the cabinet and the Uni-Q driver, allowing sound energy to travel smoothly along the MUON baffle without compromising dispersion and imaging.

The Uni-Q array – a unique KEF innovation first developed in 1988 – positions the tweeter within the acoustic center of the MF driver, resulting in more precise imaging across the sound field. KEF’s ‘tangerine waveguide’ technology sits in front of the tweeter dome in perfect alignment with the midrange cone, providing mid-range and high-frequency coupling that eliminates destructive interference and produces KEF’s renowned point source imaging.

These exciting enhancements take MUON’s already impressive performance to a level that can truly be considered “ultimate.” Once again, KEF MUON lays claim as the world’s most extraordinary audio speaker.

If interested in learning more about MUON or a product demonstration while at the show, please contact For additional information about the MUON loudspeakers or KEF’s full product portfolio, please visit