NewMakeIt – Experience the Maker Movement at TAVES!


The Maker Movement is flourishing on a global level and NewMakeIt will be bringing a taste of it locally to the TAVES Consumer Electronics Show. Show attendees of all ages can experience the culture of making things through hands-on activities at the NewMakeIt booth. Our partner STEM Minds will be conducting activity classes for kids (6 – 14 years of age), and there will be a selection of digital fabrication equipment and interactive displays to engage the creativity of attendees. NewMakeIt is a unique space in York Region that enables anyone to harness their inner maker and get started turning ideas into reality. Come to the NewMakeIt booth at TAVES and learn how you can get involved.



Win a Devialet Phantom Wireless Speaker at the TAVES Consumer Electronics Show!

Devialet-phantom_chez_adhf_1422438569 (Custom)To celebrate the largest, most exciting TAVES Consumer Electronics Show to date, we will be giving away a Devialet Phantom this fall!  The Phantom offers a revolutionary design, a futuristic appearance and an out of this world sound performance.  You have to hear it to believe it!  Visit the CANADA HiFi Magazine booth at TAVES to quality for this giveaway.

Phantom is an all-in-one speaker with a built-in amplifier that plays your music via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.  Phantom’s ultra dense sound creates intense emotional experiences.  Uncover the richness of songs you have heard a thousand times in all their amplitude, from sub bass at 16hz to ultra sharp sound at 25kHz with no background noise, no saturation, no distortion, all that up to 3000 Watts and 105 Decibels of power.

To learn more about the Phantom, please check out


Whisper - PeiJu Lien M090AEstablished in Japan in 1988, the MA label provides creative musical statements in strictly acoustic setting. TAVES is excited to have them at this years show as one of our audio exhibitors. Technically speaking MA Recordings are produced with only two omni-directional microphones which are designed specifically for MA.

Exclusively at TAVES, MA Recordings will be distributing their new Chinese Pipa CD! You do not want to miss out on this opportunity! As a little preview TAVES and MA Recordings would also like to offer you the chance to download one of the tracks as a sneak peak!

Follow the link (HERE) to download an exclusive preview, and see MA Recordings at TAVES October 30 – November 1!


IMG_9982 (Custom)1. Network with your peers and stay in Canada’s “High Tech Capital”.

This years show will be held at The Sheraton Parkway Hotel on the boarder of Richmond Hill and Markham. Commonly referred to as “Canada’s High Tech Capital” it is home to a high concentration of technology companies – over 4,400 companies reside here. Being where it is TAVES allows guests the opportunity to network and chat among peers who are also interested in the latest consumer electronic technology.

2. Support the Growth of the Consumer Electronics Industry.

This years show, is set to be our biggest one to date! Already we have received a record number of exhibitors, and registration and ticket sales are already underway. Join us this year and support technology and innovation in “Canada’s High-Tech Capital” and help make this show the best one yet!

3. Attend The Annual Industry Party on October 31st!


Kibaya_Headshot_(small)Interview with Kibaya Njenga, Project Manager at Sulon Technologies

How did Sulon start, and what are the highlights of the journey that got you to this point?

The idea that lit the fuse for Sulon actually came from a dream, something not a lot of people are aware of. Our CEO, Dhan Balachand, was at a post-bachelor party and had been awake for a crazy long amount of time, something like 14 hours straight, playing Resident Evil alongside his friends. Eventually he drifted off and found himself in a dream running in stride with one of the characters from the game (Claire in case you’re curious) while being chased by a barrage of zombies. Things progressed to the point where he found himself out of ammo and defenseless as the zombies quite literally tore him apart. The whole experience felt and looked so real that he awoke in a state of shock and disbelief (and much chagrin from his buddies).

From that point forward Dhan set out to find a way to be able to live gaming and movie moments, in a manner that you can liken to a holodeck experience (any Star Trek fans out there). The idea was to go a step further and actually transform our real world surroundings into endless experiences that let you live magical moments without being tied to a fixed location or base. Those were the original goals when Sulon first started approximately 3 years ago, but since then we’ve evolved to have a larger set of goals we call “enhancing the human experience.”

What’s the Sulon accomplishment or product that you’re proudest of?

The Sulon Cortex is our flagship product, an augmented virtual reality headset that our team is very proud of. The technology stands out in what is a very crowded and competitive marketplace with a number of big players. The Cortex supports both augmented and virtual reality, as well as experiences that blend and transition between the two.

Augmented reality takes elements of your physical environment and surroundings and mixes them with digital elements. In a gaming context this could be aliens blasting through the actual wall of your living room and then ducking behind your couch before smashing your coffee table (wouldn’t that be lovely?)

Virtual reality takes that a step further and immerses you in an entirely digital world. This enables you to actually live your favourite scenes from games and movies in an environment that is entirely removed from your own.

Looking back over the past year, CES 2015 (the world’s premiere consumer electronics tradeshow held annually in Las Vegas) was a real highlight for us. We really impressed attendees with the demos we were showcasing and managed to take home a number of top consumer product awards. We can’t wait to repeat at CES 2016.

What is the biggest challenge you face as a gaming company in the GTA?

I think one of the interesting things about being a player in the augmented and virtual reality industry today is the public’s current perception of use cases and applications. The gaming and entertainment segment of virtual reality is currently where much of the industry’s attention is focused, but it represents only a small part of what the market will be in a few years’ time.

By 2020 the augmented and virtual reality industry is going to be worth $150 billion, with augmented reality making up approximately 80% of that. I think that’s very telling of an industry that spans far beyond just gaming and entertainment, as those two verticals are rooted in virtual reality. The market as a whole is going to address some of these awareness issues with time, as we are in the midst of an industry that is very much still in its infancy.   

From the standpoint of being based in the GTA, one of the challenges is that the augmented and virtual reality industry is based primarily in Silicon Valley. Naturally much of the media covering the space is in close proximity to that area which means you’ve got come to the table with a compelling story to grab their attention. Luckily the product our team has created makes that pretty easy, but we’re conscious of the fact that the heart of the industry is in the Valley.

On the flip side however we’ve also experienced a tremendous amount of support as a Canadian start-up local to the Toronto area that we would have not received elsewhere. There are a ton of amazing resources and opportunities that we’re very fortunate to have been able to take advantage of.

Where do you see Sulon heading in 2016?

If 2016 is anything like how 2015 turned out, it’s going to be a really exciting year for us. I think that the industry will look back upon it as a real turning point in terms of augmented and virtual reality adoption. I’d go so far as to call it the “Year of AR and VR.” Overall consumer awareness is going increase exponentially and I also think you’ll see a lot of businesses and companies start to look for ways to realize efficiencies through the use of AR and VR headsets.

During the course of 2016 we’ll have both our developer kits and consumer version headsets in market, which is going to set the stage for a ton of amazing content and experiences on our platform. You’ll see developers debuting games and applications that leverage the full suite of features the Sulon Cortex offers. Our spatial and contextual awareness technology combined with a wireless form factor with all rendering and processing hardware onboard allows for amazing experiences that you simply can’t get on any other device.

We’re also aggressively expanding our team of Sulon Super Heroes (that’s what we call our employees) as we scale. We’re really psyched about the company culture we’re creating; we host a number activities that our employees really enjoy, such as a Sulon Secret Snack Time that sees a different snack brought in everyday (think deep fried ice cream, dessert pizza, fruit platters etc). By early 2016 we’ll have grown to over 100 employees. Bring on 2016, we’re ready for it!

Kibaya will be on the Gaming Second Contact panel on October 31, from 1pm to 2pm exclusively at TAVES!

ventureLAB in Partnership With the Markham Public Library Bring Cosplay Element to TAVES!

CAGEpromo (Custom)

CAGE at the TAVES Consumer Electronics Show will introduce a cosplay element that will bring together innovation, culture and collaboration in York Region. TAVES attendees are encouraged to join fellow cosplayers and dress as their favourite character. Developed in partnership with ventureLAB and Markham Public Library, CAGE will be equipped with a photo booth, 3D printed accessories and mini trivia contests throughout the weekend.

Leading up to the event, TAVES attendees are encouraged to make their own accessories – in 3D! On October 22, the Markham Public Library Cornell Branch will be hosting a Mini Maker Expo from 4-6 p.m., where participants can meet real makers and try out their own creations. The 3D printers at Cornell Library are open to the public any time during library hours, and you are encouraged to create your own costume and accessories for TAVES. For more information on the 3D printers, call Markham Public Library at 905-513-7977.

Prizes for the best cosplay will be awarded each day of TAVES.


078fbed(1)This article’s interview is with Mike Sorrenti.  Mike is the founder and CEO of Game Pill (, which creates interactive entertainment for broadcasters, brands, producers, and agencies.  Their entertainment products are available for mobile, PC, and Virtual Reality.

How did Game Pill start, and what are the highlights of the journey that got you to this point?

Game Pill started from a spare bedroom with an old computer.  It really has been an interesting journey.  We actually started with simple flash games and have changed quite a bit to adapt over the years.  The Game Pill of today combines world-class technology and talent to produce rewarding entertainment.

What’s the Game Pill accomplishment or product that you’re proudest of?

We are proud of every project that we work on.  I am grateful for every client that trusts us to help them with their vision or goal… sometimes because of what we are able to do within the parameters of the budget, sometimes because we figure out a unique way to use technology and to create a new experience.  We try to create magic in everything we touch.  We have worked on  so many exciting projects it is hard to pick just one. The Fisher Price “Laugh and Learn” apps taught us a lot about children, the “Tanked Aquarium” game offered us a chance to interact with a television audience, and reached #9 on iTunes in the USA, and working with Nickelodeon has always been a dream of mine, so those games are quite special to me.

What was the inspiration for Game Pill’s “Get In The Ring”?

“Get In the Ring” was inspired in part by my MMA training when I was younger.  We wanted to show off the gesture rings and knew that our audience would be 500,000 people at the E3 Expo in Los Angeles.  So the logical choice was to create a boxing game for the convention centre that utilized the power of the rings and the power of VR.  The feeling of getting punched in VR is amazing.

What is the biggest challenge you face as a gaming company in the GTA?

I believe the biggest challenge we face is awareness.  We are able to produce amazing experiences and getting the word out from the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) vs. San Francisco, London, Los Angeles or New York can have its challenges.

Where do you see Game Pill heading in 2016?

I see Game Pill pushing the envelope further and expanding our offerings into museums, science centres, and pharmaceutical. Over the last year we have had opportunities to work on retail experiences, and we are very excited and proud of these and other innovative projects that will launch in Winter 2016.

Mike and the Game Pill team will be participating at the TAVES Consumer Electronics Show from October 30 to November 1, at the Sheraton Parkway Hotel in Richmond Hill.  


This Fall Discover Canada’s Ultimate Consumer Electronics Show!

IMG_0399 (Custom)1. Stay up to date with the latest trends and test out the very latest consumer electronic products and software.

TAVES offers visitors the chance to see the very latest consumer products and software, many of which are not yet available in stores. This year promises to be our biggest show to date, already we have seen an increase in the number of exhibitors! Connecting trade professionals, media and consumers, this world class exposition attracts companies from around the globe. There is something for everyone – whether interested in testing out the latest products, or attending one of our many workshops and seminars.

Marc Saltzman - Profile Pic - August 2013 (2) (Low-Res) (Custom)2. New Technology Seminars and Workshops

Throughout the 3-day event, there will also be a series of free seminars and workshops (included in the price of your show ticket). Topics covered include: technology, innovation, 3d printing, virtual reality, home audio, home theater and more. Take a break from viewing our exhibits and learn from some of the worlds greatest tech experts. 

Don’t miss out on tech expert and media personality Marc Saltzman who is scheduled to host this year’s headlining technology seminar.

TAVES also offers visitors the chance to learn about the latest industry developments by attending the York Region Broadband Summit and the Tech Connex conference.

robot olympics web3. Learn about STEM Technology at our Robotics Workshops

TAVES is thrilled to engage and inspire young minds by offering a number of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math) workshops, presented by the Logics Academy (  Eight 2-hour workshops will offered on Saturday, Oct. 31, for kids aged between 6 and 13.  These workshops include: Programming Adventures, Robot Jousting, Doodlebot, Bumble Bee (Musical Pencil), Robot Olympics, Jump Into Jade, Talkbot and Bump Bot.  We encourage parents to explore the TAVES show floor, while their kids participate in one or more of the workshops!  Tickets for these robotics workshops are now available on our TICKET PAGE.  Seating is limited, so please register today!

4. Experience TAVES Outdoor Electronics Playground

New for 2015, TAVES is hosting an “Outdoor Electronics Playground”! Adults and kids alike are invited to see demonstrations and learn about the latest electronic vehicles, e-bikes, scooters, as well as cutting edge drones and remote control toys. Don’t miss out on the chance to put your driving skills to test by driving a remote controlled car on our drifting track and off roading skills on our rock crawling track! Feature exhibitors include: Tesla electric cars and all the safety features Volvo has to offer.

5. Gaming Second Contact Discussion Panel

Last October, “Gaming: First Contact” brought York Regions gaming panel together, and featured a panel discussion and opportunities for networking. A year later, we’re levelling up and “Gaming: Second Contact” is coming to TAVES!  On Saturday, October 31 from 1pm to 2pm, Marc Saltzman will return to moderate a panel of leaders of several gaming companies from the Greater Toronto Area and York Region.  The discussion will be informal and cover a lot of ground – trends in the industry, key developments, what to expect in 2016 – a discussion you don’t want to miss!

We hope to see you at the show and look forward to making this year show the biggest show to date!