Unity Meetup: Developing VR Games with the Unity Game Engine – with Francis Duranceau from Unity

Friday, October 28: 1pm to 3pm

All Ages

This session covers getting up and running with a VR game made with Unity. Attendees will learn various Unity workflows, how to integrate VR, as well as some common do’s and don’ts of VR control and UI design.

What will be learned after attending this workshop?

– How to build games with Unity

– VR Integration into Unity games

– Good design practices for VR UI

– Good design practices for VR control

Francis Duranceau Bio: His career started over 10 years ago as an embedded software engineer in the field of automotive and robotics. Later on, he moved toward the gaming industry with stops at Electronic Arts, Autodesk and as a freelance developer. Now he is a Field Engineer at Unity and is helping other game developers to succeed.

Cost: Free, included with TAVES tickets