2017 exhibitors will be displayed here this summer

In 2016, TAVES showcased over 130 exhibitors:

Canada Robotix www.canadarobotix.com
1MORE www.1more.com
Aartech Canada Inc. www.aartech.ca
ACA www.angelcityaudio.com
Acoustic Solid www.acoustic-solid.com
All That Jazz www.allthatjazzhifi.com
ANK Kits www.ankaudiokits.com
ASI Toronto www.asipartner.ca
ASONA Ltd www.asonaltd.com
Atoll Electronique www.atoll-electronique.ca
Atomic District www.twitter.com/atomicdistrict
Audio Alchemy www.audioalchemy.com
Audio by Mark Jones www.audiobymarkjones.ca
Audio Eden www.audioeden.com
Audio Excellence www.audioexcellence.ca
Audio Sensibility www.audiosensibility.com
Audio Zone www.audio-zone.ca
Audio-Union www.audio-union.com/Helix.php
Audiovector www.audiovector.com
Audiyo www.audiyo.com
BabylonVR www.babylonvr.ca
BotFeeder www.botfeeder.ca
Brainwavz Audio Canada www.brainwavzaudio.com
Brampton Robotics www.bramptonrobotics.org
Brick Works Academy www.brickworksacademy.com
Bryston www.bryston.com
CANADA HiFi Magazine www.canadahifi.com
Cardas Audio www.cardas.com
Charisma Audio www.charismaaudio.com
Classy Cyborgs www.classycyborgs.org
Coherent Speakers www.coherentaudio.ca
Comfable Inc. www.comfable.com
DJI www.dji.com
DVL Audio www.dvlaudio.ca
ecoRIDES www.ecorides.com
Elunevision www.elunevision.com
Emotiva Audio Corp. www.emotiva.com
Erikson Consumer www.eriksonconsumer.com
Euphoria Speaker Design www.euphoriaspeakers.com
exaSound www.exasound.com
Executive Stereo www.executivestereo.com
Fiio www.fiio.net
Focus Audio www.focusaudio.ca
FoldBack Sound
Gerr Audio Distribution Inc www.gerr.com
Gershman Acoustics www.gershmanacoustics.com
GHFFA www.foodandfarming.ca
Go Tours Canada www.gotourscanada.com
Gold Note www.goldnote.it
Grado Canada www.gradoheadphones.ca
Harmonic Resolution Systems www.avisolation.com
Hegel Canada www.hegel.com
HiFiMan www.hifiman.com
IFTech Inventing Future Technology Inc. www.iftech-technologies.com
IMgadgets Ltd. www.imgadgets.com
InkSmith www.inksmith.co
Japanese Pressing LP
JVC www.jvc.ca
KEF www.kef.com
Kennedy HiFi www.kennedy-hifi.com
Kevro www.kevro.com
Krell Industries www.krellonline.com
Lani Labs www.lanilabs.com
Logics Academy www.logicsacademy.com
Luna Cables www.lunacables.com
MA Recordings www.marecordings.com
Makerwiz www.makerwiz.com
Melody www.angelcityaudio.com
Mike Tang Audio www.miketangaudio.ca
Mimetics www.mimetics.ca
Mirage VR www.miragevr.ca
Mundorf www.mundorf.com
Muraudio www.muraudio.com
MyGica www.MyGica.tv
Nation Imports www.nationimports.com
New Life Robotics www.newliferobotics.com
NewMakeIt www.newmakeit.com
NOLA www.nolaspeakers.com
Nordost www.nordost.com
NOVO Magazine www.novo.press
Opera Loudspeakers www.operaloudspeakers.com
OPPO Digital, Inc. www.oppodigital.com
Oracle Audio www.oracle-audio.com
Ovation Audio www.ovationaudio.ca
OVRA – Ontario Vintage Radio Association www.ovra.ca
Phonographe www.phonographe.ca
Plug’n Drive www.plugndrive.ca
Plurison www.plurison.com
Pro Acoustic Design www.proacousticdesigns.ca
Professional Monitor Company www.pmc-speakers.com
Proto3000 www.proto3000.com
QNAP Inc. www.qnap.com
Reference 3A www.reference3a.com
Samsung www.samsung.ca
Segway of Ontario www.segwayofontario.com
Simcoe Sound www.simcoesound.com
Sonic Artistry www.sonicartistry.ca
Sonic Wear www.sonicwear.ca
STEM Minds www.stemminds.com
Stillpoints www.stillpoints.us
Summit HiFi www.summithifi.com
SweetVinyl’s www.sweetvinyl.com
TEAC www.teac.com
The Gramophone www.gramophone.ca
The Record Guys www.therecordguys.com
The Speaker Shop www.thespeakershop.ca
Theatre One Seating / Elunevision www.theateroneseating.com
Toronto Home of Audiophile www.thoaudiophile.com
Totem Acoustic Inc. www.totemacoustic.com
Transrotor www.transrotor.de
Tri-cell www.tricellenterprises.com
Triangle Art www.triangleart.net
UBITECH www.ubtrobot.com
Unison Research www.unisonresearch.com
Update TV & Stereo www.updatetvandstereo.com
Venture Audio www.ventureaudio.com
Vivid Audio www.vividaudio.com
VK Music www.vkmusic.ca
Volvo Villa www.volvovilla.com
VPI Industries www.vpiindustries.com
VR Noble www.vrnoble.com
Woo Audio www.wooaudio.com
Wynn Audio www.wynnaudio.com
XLO Electric www.xloelectric.com
Yamaha www.yamaha.ca
York Region Libraries various websites
Zavfino 1877Phono www.zavfino1877.com

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