2017 exhibitors:

1MORE http://global.1more.com/
Abyss www.abyss-headphones.com
Acapella Audio Arts www.acapella.de
Alfa Distribution www.alfadistribution.com
Angel City Audio (ACA) www.angelcityaudio.com
Another Reality www.anotherreality.com
ASONA Ltd www.hegel.com
Audio By Mark Jones www.audiobymarkjones.ca
Audio Eden www.audioeden.com
Audio Fidelity www.audiofidelity.net
Audio One www.audio-one.ca
Audio Sensibility www.audiosensibility.com
Audiovector www.audiovector.com
Audiyo Inc www.audiyo.com
Bluewave Audio www.bluewaveaudio.ca
Bot Brawl www.botbrawl.ca
Bot Camp www.bot-camp.com
Brainwavz www.brainwavzaudio.ca
Bryston www.bryston.com
C.N.Thomas Imports www.cnthomas-acoustics.com
Canada Revenue Agency (SR&ED) Program www.cra-arc.gc.ca/sred
CCSR International
Chemion www.chemionglasses.com
City of Toronto www.toronto.ca
Coherent Audio www.coherentaudio.ca
Danacable www.danacables.com
Danilo Ursini (Artist/ Virtual Reality Artist) www.ursiniart.com
DVL Audio http://www.dvlaudio.ca/
Eccentricity of Wood – Art of Acoustic Panels https://olga66.wordpress.com/acoustic-panels/
Ecorides www.ecorides.com
Electrefy www.electrefy.com
Entracte Audio www.entracteaudio.com
Epson Canada Ltd. www.epson.ca
Erikson Consumer www.eriksonconsumer.com
Executive Stereo www.executivestereo.com
The North Fabritory
FiiO www.fiio.net
Finale Audio www.finaleaudio.com
Gershman Acoustics www.gershmanacoustics.com
GerrAudio www.gerr.com
Ginko Audio Inc. www.ginkgoaudio.com
Go Tours Canada www.gotourscanada.com
Gold Note www.goldnote.it
GoldenEar Technology www.goldenear.com
HEGEL Music Systems www.hegel.com
HiFi Man www.hifiman.com
House of Hi-Fi www.houseofhifi.ca
Humber College www.humber.ca
Integrity HiFi www.integrityhifi.ca
JabberKat www.JabberKat.com
Japanese Pressing N/A
Jaxcore Software Inc. www.jaxcore.com
JR Transrotor www.transrotor.de
JVC www.jvc.ca
JVCKENWOOD www.ca.jvckenwood.com
Kenwood www.kenwood.com
Kevro International www.kevro.com
Kimber Kable www.kimber.com
Krell Industries www.krellonline.com
Little Robot Friends www.littlerobotfriends.com
Logics Academy www.logicsacademy.com
MA Recording www.marecordings.com
MakerKids www.makerkids.com
Mango Mirror www.mangomirror.com
Metronome http://www.metronome.audio
Mimetics www.mimetics.ca
Mindset www.thinkmindset.com
Multi Touch Digital www.multitouchdigital.com
Music Technology Meetup www.musictechnology.ca
Nautic Devices Inc www.yapalong.com
Nearbuds www.nearbuds.com
Neat Acoustics www.neatacoustics.com
Neofect USA, Inc. www.neofect.com
NeuroTechTO http://to.neurotechx.com/
New Life Robotics www.newliferobotics.com
Nordost www.nordost.com
NOVO Magazine http://novo.press/
Oak Technology Inc.
OmniView Tech www.omniviewtech.ca
Ontario Vintage Radio Association (OVRA) www.ovra.ca
Oracle Audio www.oracle-audio.com
ORD Solutions www.ordsolutions.com
Panacea Nova Inc. www.panaceanova.ca
PinchVR www.pinchvr.ca
Plug n Drive www.plugndrive.ca
Plurison www.plurison.com
PMC www.pmc-speakers.com
QNAP www.qnap.com
Renewal by Andersen of Greater Toronto www.renewalbyandersen.ca
Robot Playtime www.robotplaytime.com
RUELaudio Inc. www.ruelaudio.com
Samsung www.samsung.ca
Seam www.seamtechnic.com
SHOP3D Canada Printing Supplies Ltd. www.shop3d.ca
Simcoe Sound www.simcoesound.com
Smart Wheel Canada www.smartwheel.ca
Smartstones www.smartstones.co
Sonic Artistry www.sonicartistry.ca
Sonic Boom www.sonicboommusic.com
Synergistic Research www.synergisticresearch.com
TEO Audio www.teoaudio.com
The Speaker Shop www.thespeakershop.ca
Tiny Farm www.modgarden.com
Toronto Home of Audiophile www.thoaudiophile.com
Toronto Public Library www.torontopubliclibrary.ca
Totem Acoustic www.totemacoustic.com
Tri-cell Enterprises www.tricellenterprises.com
Triangle Art http://triangleart.net/
Triode Lab Canada www.triodelab.com
Upcoming Media / IncubatAR meetup www.upcomingmedia.com
Update TV & Stereo www.updatetvandstereo.com
Urbane Audio www.urbaneaudio.com
Venture Audio www.ventureaudio.com
VIRTUALIA www.alannashearman1.wixsite.com/virtualia
VK Music www.vkmusic.ca
Von Gaylord Audio www.vongaylordaudio.com
Wantboard Inc. www.wantboard.ca
Wells Audio www.wellsaudio.com
WeTraq www.wetraq.ca
Wynn Audio www.wynnaudio.com
XLO International Inc. www.xloelectric.com
Zavfino 1877Phono www.zavfino1877.com

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