TAVES 2017 Exhibitor Package.indd

In addition to the large rooms shown on this page, TAVES offers 20 Hi-Fi Audition Rooms [320 square feet each], shown above with labels A to T.

TAVES HiFi Audition Room 01 (Custom)

Our spacious Hi-Fi Audition Rooms [16′ x 20′ with 8′ ceilings] are solidly constructed with hard-density wood walls and acoustic draping.Audio Room-exterior


The front of each rooms offers a locking double-door, allowing large equipment to fit easily and secure storage after show hours.  Exhibitors are encouraged to place floor standing banners on both sides of the doors highlight brands demonstrated inside the room.

TAVES HiFi Audition Room 02 (Custom)

The inside of each room is outfitted with a black acoustic drape.Audition Room - exterior 2


Five feet of space will separate each room from the neighbor, allowing for acoustic separation and storage for boxes.

TAVES HiFi Audition Room 05 (Custom)