Feel the Sound

The TAVES Consumer Electronics is also home to Canada’s largest HiFi and Home Theatre show! Explore four floors of intimate Hi-Fi and Home Theatre Demonstration Suites showcasing the latest in superior sound and display technology, from global brands to boutique innovators. This year’s show is set to feature the largest number of hifi & home theatre exhibitors since the show’s inception. This means that more brands and products will be on demonstration than ever before — many of them showcased at TAVES for the first time.

Love to see new product launches? This fall Totem will reveal its brand new SKY monitor loudspeaker, while KEF will demonstrate its out-of-this-world MUON MKII speakers for the first time to consumers. Yamaha will also be launching its new NS-5000 speakers. Kennedy HiFi will also use this year’s show as a launch platform for the Paradigm Persona series of loudspeakers. And this is just the tip of the iceberg!

Join Us for HiFi Seminars [Free with show admission]

How to Build a Digital Audio Library [Saturday, Oct. 29: 12pm & Sunday, Oct. 30: 2pm]

Building a digital library can be challenging but rewarding. We will explore the world of digital audio files and how to navigate within the various formats and technologies available for the home consumer.  Covered topics will include tagging files, lossless vs. lossy, file and folder structure, storage and backup, ripping, streaming and library managers. Please note that some basic knowledge in operating a computer is needed.

AV Receiver Shopping Guide [Saturday, Oct. 29: 2pm & Sunday, Oct. 30: 11am]

Shopping for a new AV receiver? Are you overwhelmed by all the choices? Are you confused by all the acronyms? If so, this is the right workshop for you! We will help you untangle the web of terminology and help you understand the relevant issues. Equip yourself with the knowledge you need to make the best possible choice for your home theater. Topics covered will include amplifier power, speaker efficiency, surround sound codecs (including Dolby Atmos, DTS:X and Auro 3D), room correction, switching, upscaling, transcoding, HDMI, HDCP, HDbaseT, multiple zone capabilities, control options, connectivity and THX certification. All are welcome so please come and join us!

Digital Music Player Shopping Guide [Saturday, Oct. 29: 3pm & Sunday, Oct. 30: 1pm]

Are you considering taking the plunge into digital music players? Do you know exactly what you need? Do you understand what you’re buying? The world of digital music players is very convoluted. No one would blame you for feeling lost and confused. We invite you to join this workshop to help shed some light on the topic. You will learn all about the issues that face consumers when shopping for digital music players. Topics covered will include music file servers versus digital music players, Sonos, digital to analogue converters (DACs), USB DACs, features, control options, connectivity, computer based solutions, file storage (SSD, HD, RAID) and backups. All are welcome so please come and join us!

Cutting Edge Ultra HDTV Technology: Why TV Continues to Look Better [Saturday, Oct. 29: 2pm & Sunday, Oct. 30: 12pm]

It’s been a few years since 4K TVs entered the market promising greater detail than HDTV. But it was not until 2016 that UltraHD 4K televisions began to deliver bright, colourful, and dazzling life-like images never before seen in the home. What has changed since then? Why are the images now brighter with a significant improvement in colour? What makes Ultra High Definition Television a revolution in consumer TV rather than an upgrade? What other equipment and compatibility is needed to enjoy such fascinating images? Join NOVO Magazine’s Video Contributor Mike Osadciw as he explains why Ultra HDTV technology has a significant impact on the way we watch our favourite programs using current LCD and OLED technologies, and what’s to come in future.

Mechanics of Vinyl Playback [Friday, Oct. 28: 3pm & Saturday, Oct. 29: 12pm & Sunday, Oct. 30: 12pm]

Vinyl playback is a complex interaction of many mechanical factors. Various parts are composed to work together in order to convert the LP-groove into an electrical signal. Since most of those mechanical processes take place in very small dimensions, it’s not so easy to imagine them and get an overview on all the influences appealing to them. During this seminar, we will explore the interesting aspects of this very traditional way of music playback, which continues to improve. This will help us to understand our equipment better, get the maximum out of it and – finally – forget about the technique and enjoy the music.

Moving to 4K [Saturday, Oct. 29: 11am-12pm & Sunday, Oct. 30, 3-4pm]

With the world of quality 4K content still slowly coming into its own, we discuss the successes of transitioning to a 4K system with E-Shift Technology.  Presented by Greg Cameron, Vice-President, JVC Professional.