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This year’s TAVES Consumer Electronics Show is set to feature live-painting right on the show floor!  Image above shows artists (from left to right): Take AKA Bamboo, Jimmy Chiale, and Allan Turton.

Jolt! Art Gallery at the TAVES Consumer Electronics Show

The TAVES Consumer Electronics Show is delighted to feature the Jolt! Art Gallery curated by the Richmond Hill Group of Artists, Richmond Hill Studio Tour, Scarborough Arts Collective, York Region Arts Council (Artrepreneur), Sylvia Chan Student Art School and 3D Art Design Studio. The gallery features over 100 original pieces of artwork from top local artists, displayed throughout the TAVES show floor. This year a number of artists will perform live-painting right on the show floor, offering an insightful and rarely seen experience. We invite you to explore the art and support local artists – perhaps you will find a piece that fits just perfectly in your home! Most of the artwork will be available for purchase at the show.

The Jolt! Art Gallery is curated by:

To learn more about each of these organizations, please click on the logos above.

This fall, Jolt! will also showcase art from several independent artists including Stacey MacNevin, Claudia Zloteanu, Fei Lu and Gayle Ginn.  Below you will find a few samples from artists participating this fall.


Andrea End (Richmond Hill Group of Artists)


Nadya Edwards “Daisy the Cow”


Elaine Joy “Roach Courage”


Sample work from Sylvia Chan Art


Sculpture from Claudia Zloteanu