Displaying original work by outstanding artists, this year JOLT! will feature wearable and immersive works, where art and craft meet technology.

Astonishingly popular, JOLT! features over 100 original works from top local artists displayed throughout the show. Explore some of the most compelling work created by the GTA’s vibrant artistic community. And if something catches your eye,  you’ll be happy to know that most of the work is available for purchase at the show.

Danilo Ursini VR Artist TAVES 01

Experience Virtual Reality Art at the TAVES Consumer Electronics Show Thanks to Artist Danilo Ursini (above).


A number of artists have performed live-painting right on the show floor — an insightful and rarely seen experience. Above,  from left to right, artists Take AKA Bamboo, Jimmy Chiale, and Allan Turton.



Brooke Opatowski is one of the many artists to be featured at the TAVES Consumer Electronics Show.