muon-pair-rl-final-customKEF, a high-end audio manufacturer, is proud to announce its participation in the TAVES Consumer Electronics Show, Canada’s ultimate technology showcase. TAVES will mark the first time in KEF history that the updated MUON MKII loudspeakers, which were designed in collaboration with Ross Lovegrove, will be displayed publicly at a trade show in Canada. During the event, attendees will be able to see how MUON MKII straddles the line between sculpture and sound. The MUON MKII speakers will be on display in conjunction with VPI Industries and Hegel Music Systems in the Aurora Room of the Sheraton Parkway Toronto North Hotel in Toronto, Ontario from October 28-30.

“TAVES is the next stop on our summer show tour and we couldn’t be more excited to showcase MUON MKII,” said Alec Chanin, president of KEF America. “MUON embodies KEF’s long-standing commitment to creating beautiful, luxurious, and innovative audio solutions. It is an exhilarating time at KEF and we encourage everyone to experience MUON for themselves.”

Since MUON’s introduction, KEF engineers have developed new ways of extracting even more detail and refinement in sound reproduction. By applying that new knowledge to MUON, KEF is pleased to announce that its super-formed aluminum masterpiece – MUON – has been updated. Many of the techniques being applied to MUON in this update were derived from knowledge gained during the development of KEF’s iconic Blade loudspeaker. The upgrade includes:

  • An updated five-inch Uni-Q with a lithium/magnesium, aluminum hybrid cone.
  • A one-inch HF aluminum dome, featuring KEF’s unique ‘Tangerine Waveguide’.
  • KEF’s latest Uni-Q which utilizes rear air-venting to produce incredibly smooth high frequency response: As sound radiates from the rear of the dome it is directed down an absorbent venting tube reducing distortion caused by pressure waves that would have otherwise built up behind the dome.
  • The newly patented tweeter dome has been stiffened and is designed in two parts: The upper dome optimizes the acoustic waves propagating from the center of the dome, while the lower dome mechanically increases the stiffness of the whole structure. This assembly keeps the tweeter dome rigid throughout the whole audio bandwidth, resulting in smoother and more articulate high frequency response.
  • A completely redesigned crossover incorporating KEF’s latest design advancements that seamlessly integrate the performance of all of the MUON’s drive units. The LF section has changed from a fourth order to a first order design, dramatically decreasing group delay between 50 and 200 Hz substantially improving bass precision and tightness. This update, in concert with the unparalleled extension already provided by the ACE (Acoustic Compliance Enhancement) technology in the MUON provides the listener with the best all-around bass performance of any loudspeaker in its class.
  • A specifically designed aluminum trim ring was engineered to sit between the cabinet and the Uni-Q driver, allowing sound energy to travel smoothly along the MUON baffle without compromising dispersion and imaging.

The Uni-Q array – a unique KEF innovation first developed in 1988 – positions the tweeter within the acoustic center of the MF driver, resulting in more precise imaging across the sound field. KEF’s ‘tangerine waveguide’ technology sits in front of the tweeter dome in perfect alignment with the midrange cone, providing mid-range and high-frequency coupling that eliminates destructive interference and produces KEF’s renowned point source imaging.

These exciting enhancements take MUON’s already impressive performance to a level that can truly be considered “ultimate.” Once again, KEF MUON lays claim as the world’s most extraordinary audio speaker.

If interested in learning more about MUON or a product demonstration while at the show, please contact For additional information about the MUON loudspeakers or KEF’s full product portfolio, please visit