The New “Realities”: Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality Panel

Saturday, October 29: 2pm to 3pm

All Ages

VR / AR is finally breaking out – and it’s much more than just a “gaming” play. Medicine, real estate, urban planning, travel, education, advertising, sports, entertainment – they’re all being profoundly impacted. “The New Realities: Augmented, Virtual and Mixed” panel will explore where we are now and the possibilities these new technologies are opening up.  Moderated by Marc Saltzman, Canada’s Leading Technology Expert.


Marc Saltzman is one of North America’s most recognizable and trusted tech experts, specializing in consumer electronics, Internet trends and interactive entertainment. Marc has authored 15 books since 1996 and currently contributes to nearly 50 high-profile publications in North America, including USA Today, USA Weekend,, Toronto Star, AARP, MSN, Yahoo!, Costco Connection, Postmedia, Media Planet, Movie Entertainment, Telus Talks Business and Rogers Connected. Marc hosts various video segments, including “Gear Guide” (seen at Cineplex movie theatres and sister chains across Canada) and is a regular guest on CNN, CNN International and CTV’s Canada AM. Marc also hosts “Tech Talk,” a syndicated radio spot across Canada.


Alan Smithson is an Investor & Entrepreneur who has always been on the cutting edge of Emerging Technologies. Graduating from University of Guelph with a Molecular Biology degree, Alan realized Technology and Music were his passions and he pursued his DJ Business developing it into an Audio Visual Production & DJ Company, Star Productions Inc. , celebrating its 20th Year in business.  Through Alan’s passion of Technology and Music, Alan and his partner created the Emulator, the world’s first Touchscreen DJ System by SmithsonMartin Inc. Emulator won the highest award in the DJ industry, DJ Mag’s Most Innovative Product in 2011. Alan has been featured on Discovery Channel, BPMTV, Wired and Dragons’ Den .

In 2013, Alan was invited to Curiosity Camp. It was here where Alan first discovered virtual reality. He was shown the future by none other than father of VR storytelling, Chris Milk. Two years later, Alan started Shok Kreative Inc. a virtual and augmented reality marketing agency. After writing the popular white paper “ Virtual Reality for Marketers 2016 ”, Shok Kreative was subsequently sold to a new company, MetaVRse , Canada’s first VR Entertainment Agency.


Laura Mingail is senior marketer by day, and an advocate for VR in the Canadian entertainment space, supporting initiatives that boost VR education and trial, including TIFF’s POP VR summer series. She has been interviewed numerous times by Canada’s leading media outlets on marketing strategy, including The Globe & Mail, The National Post, The Montreal Gazette, CP24, and Global TV, and has also published several strategy articles in Marketing Magazine.


Brodie Stanfield is a Founder and Co-CEO of IFTech Inventing Future Technology Inc. (IFTech). Brodie’s focus at IFTech is on the creation of the worlds first fully immersive multisensory wearable suit ARAIG As Real As It Gets. ARAIG is a multi-sensory wearable device that provides auditory and physical feedback to the wearer for virtual and real world environments.  Whether playing a game, watching a movie or training in a virtual world, ARAIG makes you feel and hear as if you are actually there. During the development of ARAIG Brodie received his BIT with Distinction from UOIT with a minor in Marketing. Before Brodie dropped out of his MSc at UOIT to focus solely on IFTech, Brodie’s MSc research was on stereoscopic 3D and AI in games where he produced 4 papers.


Aaron has shown commitment to altering the status quo throughout his life, demonstrated by his innovations in the tourism industry, applied memetics, and a childhood spent as a semi-delinquent troublemaker. From a gluten-free water company to Go Tours Canada, Aaron has developed ideas with a flair for the unconventional. His newest venture, Go Virtual Media – exhibiting in tandem with Go Tours Canada for the first time at TAVES – is perhaps his most conventional project to date.

After witnessing his grandparents’ reaction to visiting their European hometowns for the first time in over six decades via Google Cardboard, Aaron became inspired to bring simple virtual tools into mainstream use with as few barriers to entry as possible. Go Virtual is dedicated to bringing engaging 360 and VR educational products into typically overlooked settings such as schools, retirement homes and other institutions that stand to benefit most from these emerging, low-budget technologies.

At TAVES, Go Tours is exhibiting a beta version of their 360 virtual experience targeted at Canadian public schools.