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Press Release, May 23, 2018

FREE Admission at TAVES 2018!

May 23, 2018: This October 12 to 14, the TAVES Consumer Electronics Show will offer FREE admission and bring together over 150 exhibitors from around the globe and offer a richer experience for audiophiles and casual music lovers alike.

Fans of live music will be entertained with various live performances at the show, ranging from jazz to blues and acoustic rock.  For the first time ever, TAVES will also feature live performances that are recorded at the show and then played back through a high-end audio system.  If you’ve ever wanted to compare live music to playback on a high-end system, this is your chance.

If you enjoying spinning vinyl, then you’ll love our massive Vinyl Marketplace where you can pick up new releases, audiophile records, older goodies and rare collectible records.  Many analog accessories and upgrades will also be on sale.  This year’s show is set to offer dramatically more vinyl and accessory dealers than ever before.  TAVES will even offer a record cleaning service, so bring a few of your dirty favorites!

In the mood to expand your knowledge about high-end audio?  This year’s show will offer a series of captivating audio seminars from top industry experts as well as a “Meet the Maker” series of talks from high profile individuals from the industry.  Get to know some of the people behind the products and learn what makes them tick!

Portable music fans will enjoy a great selection of headphones,  portable music players and accessories in the Headphone section of the show.

This fall, the Hi-Fi Audition Room on the main show floor will also receive upgrades which include an increased room size (15.5′ x 23.5′), ventilation and a visual improvement from the outside.

With a considerable portion of the audio rooms already sold out, this year’s TAVES promises to deliver many new, first-time audio exhibitors and never before seen products.

The TAVES Consumer Electronics Show runs from Friday, October 12 to Sunday, October 14, 2018 at The International Centre on the border of Toronto/Mississauga/Brampton, Ontario.  This year’s show expects to attract over 7,000 attendees. For more info, please check out