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TAVES 2013 is proud to present local Toronto band, the Ray Montford Trio (, who will perform three live shows at this year’s event.  The group consists of Ray Montford on guitars, Ben Riley on drums and Glenn Olive on bass.  The Ray Montford Trio offers original jazz-blues-rock-roots-urban compositions, with emphasis on melody and feel.  These diverse influences are sure to capture and engage many TAVES visitors.  The Ray Montford Trio will perform one show on Friday, November 1 (7pm) and two shows on Saturday, November 2, 2013 (1pm and 5pm).  Admission to these performances is free with the purchase of a TAVES ticket.

About Ray Montford

Ray Montford is one of those rare guitarists who, like Jeff Beck and David Gilmour, does not consider virtuosity as a means in itself, and who knows how to make his instrument sing, creating wild and simple beauty while wringing emotion from every note. Ray recently released his sixth studio album, Vintage Is Now, an evocative collection of tunes engaging and inviting the listener into a visceral and melodic odyssey. Vintage is deeply rooted in the guitarist’s distinctive compositional sound and celebrates his early rock/blues influences while creating a journey of depth and character. Born in Ottawa, Ray began learning by ear and woodshedding with the great rock records of that era. After studying audio engineering, production, and performance in the Music Industry Arts program at Fanshawe College and doing a term in the music program at Humber, he did session work, started writing his own compositions and opened up his own studio. Montford’s moving instrumentals have been heard on National CBC radio and have been licensed for various television shows. In the past, Ray and his trio have played the Oakville Jazz Fest, Markham Jazz Fest, the Canadian Guitar Fest, and in 2010, a Canadian Western Tour – turning heads with their haunting and powerful sound. In addition they’ve also played self-produced theatre shows, listening rooms, special events, as well as unique intimate concerts in his loft studio. From 1994-’97, Montford was the guitar player with The Rankins and from 1997-’99, with Gaelic singer Mary Jane Lamond.

Ray Montford Vintage Is Now

The Vintage Is Now Album

There is something to be said about someone having the courage to release an instrumental album in 2012, and looking to make a dent in the pop-drenched landscape of the music world. Ray Montford, the virtuoso guitarist and Canada’s own aficionado of the 6 string, has done just that and done it with great style, grace, and conviction. His 11 track and sixth studio album – Vintage Is Now - is as beautiful a collection of guitar lead compositions as it is raw and uninhibited. Picture a journey on a magic carpet ride over a turbulent and roaring sea while laying on pillows of silk and down, flying through the white capped waves. Opium dreams you say? Well Montford knows exactly how to evoke these grandiose visions with his flawless playing and keep you in a state of unencumbered sensory bliss the whole way through. Could Ray Montford be Canada’s own Jeff Beck? With this gift of an album where so many emotions are touched on throughout, one has to think he may just be carving out his own path as a guitarist and letting his playing do the talking. Perhaps no one could ever fill the shoes of the guitar gods of the past but it doesn’t seem that Ray has set out to achieve this shadow goal. His playing is unique, honest, and still enthusiastic which is rare these days as instrumentals go. His love for the guitar shines through the music which in essence keeps you, as the listener, so connected to his playing. Ray’s songs become the canvas of ones imagination and boldly paint a vision where voice and lyrics have no place over the roar of one man and his guitar.

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