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The Toronto Audio Video Entertainment Show is proud to present numerous educational seminars geared toward consumers and industry professionals.  All of the seminars are FREE (with show admission) and will be presented by industry experts in the Knightsbridge room, on the second floor, the same room that doubles as the “Home Theatre of the Future” show feature.

2013 Seminars (preliminary list, subject to change)

Marc Saltzman TAVES 2013

• “The Home Theatre of the Future… Today” Presented by Marc Saltzman

This seminar, presented by tech expert and TV personality Marc Saltzman, will talk about cutting edge home theatre components available. This includes the latest in televisions (4K, OLED and Smart TV functionality), what’s new in AV receivers and wireless audio, interactive entertainment (including the latest video game consoles, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One), and ancillary components to enhance your home theatre experience, such media boxes, smartphone and tablet integration, intelligent remotes, networked drives, and more. Marc will explain the benefits of the latest 4K and OLED TV technologies and how they work to produce the picture.  The seminar will also discuss how 4K content is currently stored and delivered to 4K TV owners.  Is there a new 4K disc format in the works?  What about 4K OLED TVs, are any manufacturers working on developing this technology?  After the seminar you’ll have a chance to view Samsung’s hot-off-the-production-line 55? curved screen OLED TV and Sony’s brand new 4K 3D LED TV.  This is one seminar you don’t want to miss!

• Cutting Edge TV Technologies – 4K Ultra HD and OLED (Presented by Mike Osadciw of the CANADA HiFi Magazine)

It’s been over 10 years since high definition television entered our homes and amazed audiences. Those wonderful images couldn’t look any better than they do now. Or could they? Canada HiFi’s Video Contributor Mike Osadciw discusses the new cutting edge TV technologies on the horizon – many of which are present for the first time at TAVES! Does an Ultra HD 2160p display and OLED video technology offer a better viewing experience for the consumer? What are the key differences between these two technologies? How will current Blu-rays and streamed content look on these televisions? Should we embrace them now or wait? Join in on the discussion and take a look at the Ultra HD and OLED displays on the TAVES floor. Which technology is best for you?

• Speaker Setup and Optimization (Sponsored by The Audio Beat and Nordost)

Last year, The Audio Beat seminars concentrated on maximizing the performance of your electronics by applying a consistent cable, support and grounding strategy. But the departure point for those demonstrations was having your speakers perfectly placed – otherwise you wouldn’t be able to hear and appreciate the benefits. Which was fine, except that a lot of people asked exactly how to achieve proper speaker set-up…

There’s an old adage in audio that when it comes to adjusting loudspeaker placement the last 5% delivers 50% of the music. This year, Roy Gregory (European Editor of and founding editor of Hi-Fi+ magazine) will be showing you just how true that is! The seminar will demonstrate how to place speakers from first principles, how to optimize their alignment and how to maximize their performance. But it doesn’t stop there, showing how speaker placement can have a hidden impact on upgrades and other aspects of system performance.

Speaker positioning has a crucial influence on system performance and simply improving speaker placement and/or set-up delivers a huge potential upgrade that’s completely free. Can you really afford to ignore it?

Recording Classical Music – Healey Willan’s “The Reproaches”

In this seminar, Frank Lockwood of Lockwood ARS, a Toronto based company which specializes in the creation of classical music recordings, will detail the process of recording Healey Willan’s “The Reproaches”.  Aficionados of classical music recordings have long known that the process used to record this music differs significantly from that used for popular music, in that classical music is almost exclusively recorded on location where suitably reverberant acoustics can support and enhance the sound. When the opportunity arose to record the music of Healey Willan in the Church of St. Mary Magdalene, Toronto, where he held the post of music director for nearly fifty years, the pairing of those unique acoustics with his music was the only logical way to proceed.

In tandem with the recording of music on location, classical music has traditionally been captured using a minimum of technological intervention – minimalist microphone techniques coupled with a “purist” signal path which introduces a minimum of coloration. With the advances in audio processing made available by modern digital audio workstations, certain limitations – unavoidable in the past – can now be addressed, and artistic choices which were unavailable even fifteen years ago, can be accommodated with relative ease.

The recording of Willan’s “The Reproaches” made use of several techniques which greatly enhance the listening experience. Acoustic noise reduction and intrusive noise removal coupled with the restoration and enhancement of ambience were just the beginning, as what was originally a static performance from a single point of view was transformed into antiphony, revealing the composer’s original intent, framed within the acoustic environment he loved and where he created for so long.

High-End Audio: From Production to Playback

Presented by award-winning audio engineer and producer Mark Waldrep (Dr. AIX), this seminar will focus on the most critical stage in the release of a new recording…the actual recording process itself. Audio equipment manufacturers and music enthusiasts often overlook the importance of the recording philosophy of the record producer AND technical skills and experience of the audio engineer responsible for capturing the sounds the musicians create. Dr. Waldrep has been an audio engineer for more than 35 years and has engineered projects for artists/ensembles as diverse as Bad Company and The New Jersey Symphony Orchestra or Wallace Roney and Willie Nelson. He has engineered recordings in commercial studios, live concert venues, chamber music auditoriums and the dusty back roads of Haiti.

• DSD DACs and High-End Computer Audio (Presented by exaSound)

In case you haven’t been paying attention to DSD, there are revolutionary breakthroughs for fine audio in this domain. DSD decoupled from the optical SACD media and downloaded over the Internet makes high end audio more affordable and more convenient. Best of all these technology improvements don’t come at the expense of sound quality. High-resolution DSD 256 offers more detail, dynamics and realism than any other audio format available today. To bring you up to date on what’s happening, exaSound will present a brief introduction of the technologies, equipment and music sources that will bring recording-studio quality to your listening room.

For those interested in leading edge technologies, and for the adventurers looking for new thrills exaSound will be proud to demonstrate the world’s fist multichannel DSD DAC – the e28. Music lovers will enjoy in-orchestra sound stage with award-winning multichannel recordings from 2L, Channel Classics and Peter Gabriel.  You will experience computer audio at its best and you will learn everything you need to become a Computer Audiophile. 

Advanced Turntable Setup Seminar (Presented by Richard Mak of TONEAudio, Sponsored by Tricell Enterprises)

In this seminar, Richard Mak, contributing writer for TONEAudio, will be presenting a comprehensive 3 part seminar on advanced analog setup.   Many audiophiles are willing to spend thousands of dollars on a turntable, yet very few possess the necessary hands-on skills to perform a perfect setup for maximum performance.  In the past 3 years alone, Richard Mak has performed over 600 turntable setups and probably thousands in his life time.  His setup skills are hands on based rather than text book based.    Richard will go into great details on perfecting every area of analog setup, from cartridge alignment geometry, VTF, VTA, azimuth, Anti-skating, using spectrum analyzers as well as computer software.  The seminar is geared towards individuals who already possess the basic knowledge and terminology of analog setup, and are looking to further advance their setup skills.   

The Future of Hi-Fi (Sponsored by Plurison)

Dematerialized music is definitely the most convenient way to purchase, store and playback music. In this seminar you will learn why you should consider a dedicated network for your music collection. The presenter will also make comparisons of music stored on a computer versus a dedicated music server.  Finally, you will also learn how to optimize your iOS devices for Bluetooth streaming.

Analogue: How To Get the Most Out of Your Vinyl (Sponsored by Plurison)

This seminar, designed for newbies and  long-time vinyl listeners, will focus on what to look for when purchasing a turntable and offer tips on how to fine tune and upgrade a turntable.  It will also discuss phono preamplifiers – how to choose the right one for your turntable and whether you should go with a moving magnet (MM) or moving coil (MC) model.

Nordost Seminars Introduce Visitors To Two New Product Lines at TAVES 2013

Nordost’s own product specialist and representatives, Paul Ritchotte and Bruno de Lorimier, will be demonstrating, performing live comparisons and taking questions about two exciting innovations that will be introduced to the Canadian market this year at TAVES. One of these featured products is the Valhalla 2, Nordost’s newest range of Reference Cables, which boasts the revolutionary Dual Mono-Filament technology as well as their proprietary HOLO:PLUG connector. In addition to V2, Nordost will also be revealing the latest addition to their Sort System: The Sort Füt. This mechanically tuned resonance control device improves upon the standard spikes and stabilizers that are provided with loudspeakers and racks by eliminating unwanted, residual vibrations. Nordost invites you to stop by room # 888 to experience the musical color, focus and dynamic range your system could be capable of.  Nordost seminars run throughout the day, all three days of the show.  Please look at the signage outside the room for the next show time.  For more info about Nordost products, please visit

• Acoustic Treatment Which Pleases the Ears as Well as the Eyes

Acoustic correction centers on sound comfort and how noise can affect our day-to-day lives. Sound behavior is a complex subject that requires calculation and effective acoustic solutions to correct issues like reverberation, reflections, echo, and modal problems. This is where a professional steps in. With technical expertise and eye for design, we have identified high quality products in the market, that not only perform on a Pro Audio level, but also designed to blend into a home environment.  This presentation will open your eyes to acoustics. It will explain the way sound behaves in a closed area, problematic issues that will degrade acoustics in the room, and how to treat these problem using properly designed acoustic treatment products.

About the presenter: Mark Scola studied Recording and Engineering at the Harris Institute for the Arts in Toronto. His experience includes strategic work in live event and studio recording, broadcast video/audio and Technical Production Management.  From 2003-2007, Mark held the position of Vice-President of Touring and Engineering for BCB Pro Audio, responsible for leadership over the tour productions and the technical team. In 2004 he joined Burton Cummings (of the Guess Who) as the Live Recording & FOH Engineer. Starting in 2010 till present, Mark now serves as a Systems Designer and Senior Technician for Sound Dymax, bringing his diverse knowledge and skill set to the various entertainment and commercial audio/visual systems they create.

• IMAX History and the IMAX Private Theatre (Presented by Nader Elm of IMAX Corporation) 

This seminar will focus on the evolution of IMAX®, the world’s most immersive theatrical experience, from the Institutional to the Commercial and now the Residential market. Nader will discuss IMAX’s discovery of and research into the global private cinema market and present how IMAX Private Theatre™ has adapted and positioned itself for the home consumer. Finally he will cover the differentiating features and benefits that have enabled IMAX Private Theatre to be a benchmark brand for ultra-premium home entertainment. Modeled after IMAX’s state-of-the-art private screening room in Santa Monica where leading filmmakers such as Christopher Nolan, James Cameron and JJ Abrams come to review their films in IMAX for the first time, the IMAX Private Theatre sets a new benchmark for the ultra-premium home theatre market, delivering a truly exclusive and complete end-to-end experience designed for the ultimate home.

Inner Ear Seminar – Assembling a System Under $10K and Improving Sound of Existing Systems

The Inner Ear magazine will be conducting casual seminars throughout the three-day show — speaking about how to assemble a high-resolution music system for under $10k and how to improve an existing system with logical tweaks . A music system will be set up inside this room and operating throughout the show.

TAVES 2013 Seminar Schedule

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* Seminar topics, dates and times are subject to change