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The TAVES Consumer Electronics Show is proud to present numerous educational seminars spanning topics from new technology to audio / home theater to digital photography.  All of the seminars are FREE (with show admission) and will be presented by industry experts on the 4th floor inside the Rosedale room.

2014 Seminar Topics

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This is just a preliminary list that is subject to change.  Detailed descriptions of these seminars, along with a schedule, will be posted on this page two weeks prior to the show.  So far the following seminar topics have been confirmed for TAVES 2014 (* Seminar topics, dates and times are subject to change):

  • Top 10 Tech Trends Worth Getting Excited About (presented by tech expert and TV personality Marc Saltzman)
  • Electric Vehicles, the Future is Now
  • Home Automation
  • Cutting Edge TV Technologies – 4K Ultra HD, OLED and Holographic Displays
  • Bitcoin – The Future of Money
  • 2014: Is This The Year of High Resolution Audio?
  • Linux For the Computer Audiophile
  • IMAX History and the IMAX Private Theatre

Top 10 Tech Trends Worth Getting Excited About (presented by tech expert and TV personality Marc Saltzman)

If you thought today’s tech was cool, to quote ‘70s rocks Bachman-Turner Overdrive, “baby you ain’t seen nuthin’ yet.” This lighthearted yet informative chat focuses on 10 mind-blowing future technologies worth getting excited about. From self-driving cars and space tourism to domestic robots and the smart home, this video-heavy chat serves as an entertaining peek into the near future of consumer technology. To kick things off, we’ll first look at current and emerging trends – what’s new in smartphones and tablets, wearables and Internet of Things (IoT) – before we dive into the next couple of decades.

Electric Vehicles, the Future is Now (presented by John Dixon, founder, Southern Ontario Tesla Owners’ Club and Model S owner)

Are electric cars for everyone?  The Model S from Tesla Motors has won numerous awards; more than 1000 of them have been delivered in Canada and over 40,000 worldwide. While it may be expensive, the Model S has put to rest concerns about range, style and functionality.  Learn how Tesla plans to use economies of scale to make electric vehicles more affordable for the masses in the near future. Understand how their innovative technology works and get answers to concerns about cost, affordability and energy use for electric vehicles in general.

Home Automation (presented by CANADA HiFi’s Jeremy Phan)

Home automation is now easier than ever with products from vendors such as Belkin, SmartThings, Vera Control, and others. What used to cost tens of thousands of dollars and required specialized installers is now very accessible with DIY-installable components starting from $50. Consumers can now easily outfit their homes with everything from lighting control to security to climate control and more.

In this seminar, Jeremy Phan will follow up on his article in the April/May 2014 issue of CanadaHiFi on home automation, and detail his own journey outfitting his home with the latest in DIY home automation as well as discuss the issues and planning required for a successful project. He’ll go through the various competing technologies, variety of automation components available, and show off his own setup and its capabilities.

Cutting Edge TV Technologies – 4K Ultra HD and OLED (Presented by Mike Osadciw of the CANADA HiFi Magazine)

It’s been over 10 years since high definition television entered our homes and amazed audiences. Has HDTV hit the plateau of image quality or is there a work in progress for even better images? Canada HiFi’s Video Contributor Mike Osadciw discusses the new cutting edge TV technologies, many of which are present at TAVES! Does an Ultra HD 2160p TV and the newest OLED video technology offer a better viewing experience for the consumer? What are the key differences between these two technologies? How will current Blu-rays and streamed content look on these televisions? Should we embrace them now or wait? Join in on the discussion and take a look at the Ultra HD and OLED displays on the TAVES floor. Which technology is best for you?

Bitcoin – The Future of Money (Presented by Gerald Cotten of QuadrigaCX)

You’ve probably heard of Bitcoin before, and now here’s your chance to learn all about it.  Bitcoin is a form of digital currency, created and held electronically.  Its most important characteristic, and the thing that makes it different from conventional money, is that it is decentralized.  Gerald Cotten, the founder of QuadrigaCX, Canada’s leading Bitcoin exchange, provides an in-depth look into the virtual currency that has captured the attention of central banks, policymakers and regulators from around the globe.

2014: Is This The Year of High Resolution Audio? (Presented by Dr. Mark Waldrep of AIX Records)

Presented by award-winning audio engineer and producer Mark Waldrep (Dr. AIX), this seminar will discuss the latest news in the world of high-resolution audio including updates on the Pono player and Ponomusic website, new high-resolution capable portable players, new downloads sites, the continuing debate between PCM and DSD, the new DEG definition and the High-Res Audio Logo. There is a great deal of buzz about high-resolution audio thanks for Neil Young. Come hear one of the world’s leading authorities on high-resolution explain what’s happening, what’s to be avoided, and how you can step into the world of real high-resolution audio. Dr. Waldrep will provide access to a dozen high-resolution tracks during the seminar.

Dr. Waldrep has been an audio engineer for more than 35 years and has engineered projects for artists/ensembles as diverse as Bad Company and The New Jersey Symphony Orchestra or Wallace Roney and Willie Nelson. He has engineered recordings in commercial studios, live concert venues, chamber music auditoriums and the dusty back roads of Haiti.

Linux For the Computer Audiophile

From embedded solutions, servers, smart phones and desktop computers, Linux is being used by consumers and various products in high quality digital audio reproduction. Linux is easily installed, user friendly, and absolutely free.  This seminar will explain exactly what Linux is and how it is a great alternative to the Microsoft Windows and Apple OSX operating systems.  Learn about running Linux as a dedicated server, working with desktop applications and high resolution audio files (PCM and DSD).  The seminar will be delivered by Ran Perry, an IT professional by day and a Linux geek by night. 

The IMAX Private Theatre … The World’s Most Immersive Experience is Coming Home (Presented by Sarah Hasnoo, Sales Manager – IMAX Theatre Development)

With its patented theatre geometry, wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling screens and differentiated content, IMAX has long been known as the world’s most immersive experience. IMAX has developed a complete theatre system that delivers a commercial experience in a private home.  With a price tag of $2.25M, it’s for the most exclusive and luxurious homes.

TAVES 2014 Seminar Schedule

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For the first time in 2014, the TAVES Consumer Electronics Show is proud to offer a series of free digital photography / imaging seminars.  We encourage all TAVES visitors to bring their cameras to the show, check out one of the free seminars and then go crazy with their cameras on the show floor!  TAVES 2014 will offer the following digital photography / imaging seminars daily (with the exception of “Point & Shoot Camera’s – Getting off the Auto mode” which will be offered on Friday and Saturday only):

Photoshop – Creating images that WOW

Want to learn how professionals make their images pop?  Presenter Rob Corrado will show you exactly how in this Photoshop seminar.  This seminar will introduce you to six Photoshop editing techniques that you will want to use, to make your images WOW! During this seminar, you will learn:

  • How to colour correct white balance issues
  • How to use of Levels to set a good black point
  • How the Curves feature works and when to use it
  • Retouching techniques
  • To use the cropping tool, properly for print output and web purposes
  • Adjustment layers techniques
  • Image sharpening methodology

Point & Shoot Cameras – Getting off the Auto mode

In this seminar, Rob Corrado will show you how to expand your horizons beyond the Auto mode of your point & shoot camera to achieve the best possible shots.  He will explain when and why it is best to use some of the other picture modes and settings that your camera offers.  This seminar will cover the following topics:

  • How the computer in your camera thinks in the Auto mode
  • How and when to use the Scene Modes
  • Controlling Focus
  • How setting the ISO can be helpful in challenging situations
  • Changing your picture’s brightness 
  • When and how to use your camera’s flash

Bring your Camera!

DSLR Camera Secretes Revealed!  

This seminar will demonstrate how to take control of your DSLR camera so that you’ll be able to achieve amazing results even in challenging light conditions.  You’ll also learn how to take control of your camera’s focus system to ensure that your subject is always clear and sharp.  Plus Rob Corrado will teach you how to read and understand the histogram, as well as the White Balance Histogram to solve exposure and colour errors on the camera so you do not have to fix them in post-production. During this seminar, you will learn to following topics:

  • Essential camera controls
  • How to use camera presets for specific shooting scenarios
  •  Taking control of focus for clear and sharp photos
  • How to successfully photograph subjects in motion
  • How to overcome challenging lighting scenarios
  • Understanding the histogram
  • Using the creative side of your camera’s dial (P, A, and S modes)

About Rob Corrado – Presenter Bio

Rob Corrado CPA is a Toronto-based professional photographer who for the past 18 years has owned and ran two studios: Corr Vision Photography, which offers Commercial photography/ video production services to the corporate market; and Light Made Visible which caters to the fine art portrait market. Rob holds a Society of Certified Photographic Consultants (C.P.C.) designation by the Photo Marketing Association (PMA).  He also has earned  designation as a Craftsmen Of The Photographic Arts (CPA) from Professional Photographers of Canada (PPOC), and is a Licentiate Professional Photographer of Ontario (LPPO) with the Professional Photographers of Ontario (PPO). Rob is very passionate about photography and sits as a Print Show Competition judge for The Professional Photographers of Canada. For the past 12 years, Rob has been an instructor with the Henrys School of Imaging. He has also worked as a professor at Humber Collage for the past 5 years. He has put on many seminars for various schools & Imaging Shows, as well as private companies and camera clubs nationally. 

Rob’s students range from complete novices through to working professionals in the photography business.  Over the years, Rob has been involved in many exciting and challenging projects, including world-renowned The Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise.  Rob’s passion for photography, coupled with years of diverse experience and ability to deliver even the most complicated material in an understandable, straight-forward manner (with a friendly smile), will ensure that you will really enjoy and learn a lot from the workshop presentations he has prepared for you this year at the TAVES Consumer Electronics Show!

Digital Photography Seminar Schedule

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