3D Printing Workshop (KIDS): 3D Design and Print by STEM MINDS

Saturday, October 29: 3pm to 4pm

Ages 8-13

STEM MINDS and NewMakeIt are proud to host this 3D Design and Print workshop for children. The workshop will focus on how 3D printing works, basics of 3D modeling, converting images to STL files for 3D printing, and critical basic concepts such as: extrusion, scaling, rotation, mesh and water tight. Resources such as Project Ignite, Thingiverse and Youimagine will be discussed so the learning can continue after the workshop. Participants of this workshop will use free software Tinkercad.

A laptop will be provided for every participant.

Cost: $10 per attendee. A separate TAVES ticket is required to access this workshop, for ages 14+.