Consumer tech never stands still. Last season’s hot devices are quickly eclipsed as smarter materials, AI-powered self-learning software and advances in haptics meet sophisticated audiences who expect ever more immersive and customized experiences.

An eclectic mix of entertaining, informative and sometimes provocative sessions, TAVES Talks Tech [T3] brings you the electrifying world of consumer technology. Featuring industry leaders, innovators, entrepreneurs and technology experts, T3 covers personal robots, autonomous vehicles, home automation, high-end audio and the mind-blowing world of augmented and virtual reality.

Dive into tomorrow’s tech – meet the thinkers, tinkerers, toolmakers and technical virtuosos inventing it.

Alan Cross 01 706

Alan Cross, internationally known broadcaster, interviewer, writer, consultant, blogger and speaker, will be speaking at the Music Technology Meetup at TAVES. “As a music tech enthusiast, I’m always interested in cutting edge technology, innovation and, of course, the latest gadgets. That’s why I am so excited to be a part of TAVES 2017—the ultimate technology showcase in Canada!” — Alan Cross

TAVES Talks Tech (T3) Discussion Panel Schedule 2017

   PlayStation 4 Games on the Big Screen 11-7pm Main Pavilion
   Wearables 2.0: It’s about time  1-2pm Main Pavilion
   Brain Computer Interfaces: And you thought Siri was wild!  2-3pm Main Pavilion
   Augmented, Virtual and Mixed Reality  3-4pm Main Pavilion
   Music Streaming and the Future of Music Delivery 3-4pm Sutherland 2
   Green & Autonomous Vehicles: Reinventing the Wheel  4-5pm Main Pavilion
   Pirate Radio Diaries: Adventures in Illegal Broadcasting 12-1pm Sutherland 2
   Music Technology Meetup: Opportunities and Challenges in Media Technology  1-3pm Main Pavilion
Robots — and Roboticists — in the family!  3-4pm Main Pavilion

Audio Video Seminar Schedule 2017

  Cutting Edge Ultra HDTV Technology: Why TV Continues to Look Better  4-5pm Sutherland 2
  Loudspeaker Shopping Guide 4-5pm Waxman 2
  Projected Improvements: The Advancement of 4K Video Projectors 5-6pm Sutherland 2
  AV Receiver Shopping Guide 12-1pm Main Pavilion

Marc Saltzman 706

Marc Saltzman is one of the most recognized and trusted technology evangelists in North America. Marc is a freelance columnist for more than 40 publications, a prolific (16-time) author, radio and television personality, public speaker, and host of “Gear Guide,” which runs on Cineplex movie theatre screens across Canada. Marc specializes in consumer electronics, online technology, business tech, interactive entertainment, and future trends.

This year, we’re thrilled to welcome some powerful new voices to the Canadian tech conversation:

Drew Henson, Founder, twenty2b
Graeme Moffat, Ph.D., VP of Research & Regulatory Affairs, InteraXon
Yannick Roy, Co-founder and Executive Director, NeuroTechX
Stephanie Greenall, Lifestyle & Tech Blogger
Aaron Binder, Managing Partner, Go Tours Canada & social provocateur
Michael Thibodeau, Mixed Reality Lead, Microsoft Canada
Heather Evans, Senior Advisor, Advanced Technologies, Ministry of Economic Development and Growth/Ministry of Research Innovation and Science
Jacob Flood, Founder & CEO, Mindset
Matthew Boerum, CEO, Audio Reality
Charles Bern, Managing Partner, PATIO Interactive
BERT, Aldebaran/ SoftBank Robotics
Nancy Moses, Founder, New Life Robotics
Rose Behar, Senior Reporter, Mobile Syrup
Tom Ladd, Managing Director, Smartstones Inc.
Hallie Siegel, Analyst, science communicator and Robotics editor-at-large
Kash Mushtaq, Smart Wheel Canada
Jennifer Tidy, ModiFace Inc.
John Raymond, R-Squared
Joseph Tam, Co-founder, Electrefy Inc.
Cameron Tullock, COO, ecoRIDES Inc.
David Parker, Technology Consultant
Dr. Ravishankar Polisetty, CEO, Panacea Nova
Stéphanie Walsh Matthews, Ph.D., Ryerson University
Christian, coder
Elliott Coleshill, Ph.D., P.Eng. Seneca College
Mike Radice, Chairman, Technology Advisory, ChartaCloud Technologies and ChartaCloud Robotics
Ran Perry, Greater Toronto Area Audio Club
Frank Labonte, NOVO Magazine
Mike Osadciw, THX/ISF Professional, Video Calibrator/Instructor, The Highest Fidelity
Andrew O’Connor, Parkdale Pirate Radio
Ron Groves, Director Education and Outreach Activities, Plug’n Drive
Marius Slavescu, Founder, Open Source Self Driving Car and GTA Robotics

TAVES National Advisory Board

TAVES is delighted to announce the formation of its national advisory board. To keep pace with the explosion of new technologies, some of Canada’s most incisive thinkers have agreed to help us explore their potential,  the new and emerging products they’ll animate — and the issues we all need to think about as we welcome these new devices into our lives, workplaces and homes.

Robotics, Hallie Siegel

Past speakers have included:

Alan Smithson, MetaVRse
Laura Mingail, Entertainment One
Marc Saltzman
Brodie Stanfield, IFTech
Kibaya Njenga, Sulon Technologies
Ernest Yap, Shapetrace
Martin Labrecque, Breq Labs
Mary Sorrenti, VRGEN
François Robillard, iLLOGIKA
Francis Duranceau, Unity
Aaron Binder, Go Tours Canada