Virtual Reality Disruptions to Game, Cinematic and Spectator Entertainment

Saturday, October 29: 3pm to 4pm

All Ages

Starting with an overview of Virtual Reality (VR) in 2016, this presentation highlights the opportunities and challenges associated with evolving VR entertainment markets – Game, Cinematic and Spectator VR.

The immersive world of virtual reality allows game developers and filmmakers fresh opportunities to reach their audiences in visceral and meaningful ways. Gaming conventions require many adjustments to yield a successful VR product. Cinematic VR experiences smash the fourth wall and scramble film conventions. Presence changes everything.

François Robillard of iLLOGIKA provides perspectives from the VR development trenches and presents an interesting tour through the current world of Virtual Reality Entertainment.

Speaker Bio: François Robillard

François Robillard has held leadership positions in digital media and entertainment companies since 1993, including Disney, Sanctuary Woods and Behaviour. He is a seasoned producer and designer of interactive gaming and educational products and known for adapting traditional media to interactive worlds, video games, virtual reality, augmented reality and smart toys. François is a passionate game designer and player who enjoys life in Montreal where he is Vice President at iLLOGIKA, a service provider for virtual and augmented reality development.

Cost: Free, included with TAVES tickets