As Ontario’s largest volume Volvo dealership, serving vehicle enthusiasts in the GTA area since 1988, we are proud to participate once again in TAVES this year.  Vehicles have always been a staple good for most Canadian families and are now becoming an item on families’ “hi-tech gadget” list. Take Volvo’s newest XC90 SUV, S90 Executive Sedan, or the soon to be available V90 Luxury Estate (Station Wagon) as examples.  They feature a high tech Infrared film sensing 9.3” touch screen on the center console to replace the majority of buttons found on other luxury vehicles.  Famous Swedish top quality “toxic free” leather, wood, aluminum and other Eco-friendly materials create a spacious and luxurious cabin for consumers. While sitting inside a Volvo, consumers get the feeling of being at home, sitting on a comfortably contoured sofa, this is a result from researches done by groups of Orthopedic surgeons at Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg, Sweden.  Simplicity, Visionary and Harmony are the words to describe Volvo design philosophy.

Plug-in Hybrid vehicle is the next emphasis of Volvo’s product lines and is planned to be available in Volvo’s lineup moving forward.   Vehicles in general, Volvo’s PHEV vehicles in particular, are much closer to a typical household “Consumer Electronics” product than anyone could have imagined.