VPI, is proud to announce its participation in the TAVES Consumer Electronics Show for the first time in VPI history.  Not only is this the first time VPI will be exhibiting at TAVES, it will also be the first live display of the VPI Titan turntable in Canada. The Titan was a collaboration design between VPI founder and chief designer Harry Weisfeld and his son and current president of VPI, Mat Weisfeld.  During the event, the Titan will be demonstrated with multiple JMW 3D Reference arms as well as the potential of other models/brands of arms.  The Titan experience will be done in collaboration with the KEF Muon Speakers.


We have been encouraged for many years now by customers and distributors to push the limit on American engineering.  The idea in mind was based off our Avenger Reference Magnetic Drive.  We double stacked the chassis and machined a 4-inch-thick (weighing roughly 40 pounds) platter being driven by a master magnetic sub-platter.  It was decided to bring back the acclaimed Dual Motor Rim Drive.  Combined with the magnetic drive it has been named the, “Magneto Rim-Drive”.  Held together with 3 solid stainless steel corner posts, the Titan stands as an immovable object.

The Titan configuration is also dynamic in it’s ability to handle up to 3 tonearms of any make or length, the same as on the Avenger turntable.  Using our state-of-the-art pneumatic air suspension feet, the Titan has the highest level of isolation.  This on top of our machined acrylic/aluminium/acrylic design chassis offers precision both in sound and quality.  Topped off with our new high current Analog Drive System (ADS) power supply by VPI’s Director of Electrical Engineering, Michael Bettinger.  The biggest design feature is the use of analog based oscillators to generate low-distortion analog sine waves for its 33/45 rpm – relative to the digitally synthesized circuits of SDS. Regenerating the AC sine wave eliminates the powerline noise and harmonics, providing pure, smooth AC power to the turntable motor.

All VPI Avengers can be upgraded to the Titan level of design.  That is an option that will be available later on after the Titan is in full production.  Another exciting feature of the Titan is it being the only Super Class Level Turntable that can fit on a 20-inch rack/stand.  We are excited to feature the VPI Titan as well as the rest of the VPI Product line at TAVES 2016!