Young Innovators Showcase

Saturday, October 29: 11:30am – 1:00pm

All Ages

Come to the the Young Innovators Showcase at TAVES to be inspired by startup entrepreneurs and innovators who are all under 19 years of age!

In this showcase jointly produced by Summer Company, Ryerson University Basecamp, Y2 Entrepreneurship Labs, and TAVES, eight startup companies (all made up of youth under 19) will present their businesses to TAVES attendees.  Some of the teams are generating revenue, and some are not – but all of the teams share a passion for solving a particular problem, leveraging innovation to address their problem of choice, and learning more about entrepreneurship.

Students will have a chance to hear, learn from and be inspired by their peers in these teams; and their parents can learn about organizations that help young innovators as well as next steps to support their own children who may have innovative ideas.

Meet the businesses:

  • Comet Warriors: The Comet Warriors [] are made up of 8 girls from Ecole Catholique Cathedrale in Kingston, plus Nick (he’s a boy but the team loves him just the same).  The oldest members have been doing FLL for three years.  Their project involved salvaging silicon sawdust produced in the manufacturing of wafers for solar cells
  • Ctrl-Z: Ctrl-Z is a co-ed FIRST LEGO League robotics team from Bayview Glen School in Toronto, consisting of seven energetic students from grade 5 to grade 9. Our FLL Trash Trek topic recognizes that consumers sort waste incorrectly, contaminating the recycling streams, resulting in valuable recyclables being lost to landfills.  Our innovative solution, the Smart Sort Trash Bin, uses a number of trash compartments. The lids of each compartment are attached to servo motors, which are connected to a computer.  All the consumer has to do is say what he/she would like to throw out, and the bin uses voice recognition to open the correct bin.  When the waste is thrown into the bin, a fact about waste and recycling is displayed on the screen to educate the consumer.  []
  • Good Club: Good Club is a clothing company selling vintage jeans and t-shirts with one-of-a-kind designs.  Isabelle started the company to pursue her passion in fine arts and business, and she used the Summer Company program to combine the two. Good Club is dedicated to selling unique apparel that can’t be found in mainstream stores.
  • Jabba Box: Aarti’s business is a health food company that sells protein snacks in boxes to those interested in living a healthier lifestyle.  Her product is called the pro-bites box and consists of a set number of protein bars with different flavours, marketed and sold online through her social media channels and website, as well as offline, through farmers markets and pop up stores.
  • Liqly: Anthony’s business is a alcohol delivery service focusing on wines and beers.  The platform is an online platform that receives orders for liquor and delivers it within a set service level time.  He operates the platform from his home and markets it through events, offline banners and posters as well as digital marketing.
  • MG Solutions: Mathew’s business installs and sells home hard drives.  He operates his business out of his home office, but travels to customers location to deliver solutions and services.  He markets his company through community reach, supported by offline and online marketing channels.
  • Sitto: SItto is a mobile app that connects babysitters to parents.  Parents discovers babysitters, match on a time and date, and pay electronically.  We seek to address two chief problems in the babysitting industry: limited access to available babysitters and inconvenient cash payments.
  • SpitStrips: Motivated by a number of high-profile and personal drunk-driving cases, a group of high-school students came together to form SpitStrips. Today, it  has grown from a group of passionate youth into a fully-fledged startup, and it continues to grow and reach new audiences.  Worried by the increasing number of high-profile incidents involving alcohol abuse, the team created the SpitStrip.  It is a small paper-based indicator slip capable of detecting blood alcohol content based on the alcohol content of your saliva.  After wetting the strip briefly, it is sealed in a provided bag and quickly changes colour. The colour can then be interpreted to aid decision-making. []
  • Tiny Terras: Hannah started her business to sell small decorative terrariums.  Terrariums are transparent glass homes for a succulent plant that is then decorated with an assortment of rocks, moss and, in Hannah’s case, a cute animal or dinosaur figurine.  Upon Hannah’s successful completion of the Summer Company program at Ryerson University, she decided to continue Tiny Terras as a home business while she finishes grade 12.

Come to the showcase on Saturday, October 29 at 11am to hear these young entrepreneurs’ presentations, and to be inspired!

Click here to learn about organizations that help young innovators